چهار راه پاسداران، خیابان دولت، پلاک ۶۹

lunched project

Contacts Projects

  • Tower Reinforcement Projects ICB in the south of Iran

This project includes towers which are located in the southern regions of the country. Due to the presence of salt in the soil in this area, the anchors are destroyed over the time, therefore, in order to reinforce the towers and to increase the tower’s loading capacity (FPA), re-reinforcement and concreting are performed at a specified height determined by our designer in accordance with the site area.

  • Reinforcement and Modernization Project

The project of increasing the loading capacity (FPA) of rooftop and ground towers to add equipment or share with other operators.

  • Tower Rectification Project

• This project is related to the towers installed in different regions, and owned by other manufacturers which usually have two types of issues

  • The non-standard material used in the towers that cause tower twisting over time
  • The existing standards for tower installation not being properly implemented by the sub-contractors; therefore, the tower is non-vertical
  • Non-Telecom Projects

Design, construction, installation, and implementation of Camera Masts including Road Camera Crossing Mast, Road Camera Polygon Post, and Road Spotlight Polygon Post