ICB Tower with Billboards

The Solution for Municipalities and Operators for Beautification Projects
“Visual Pollution” often prevent municipalities to grant operators licenses for new sites.
Kavoshcom’s ICB tower with billboards is the perfect solution for municipalities and operators
The tower has a 3 sided rotating billboard distracting attention from the metal frame and focusing the attention on the colorful advertisements.
This design has the MTN QA and Trans Design approvals

زیباسازی دکلهای مخابراتی



 Creativity and innovation by Kavoshcom Asia designers explored fully for the first time in the     world
 Use any three operators simultaneously
 Reducing in number of masts and help to beautify the city
 Ability to install billboard with covering 360 degrees (Billboards can be immobile and fixed or spinning and          rotating)
 MTN can use the billboards for its own advertisings or lease the billboards to other companies

Additional information


36 m, 42 m, 48 m


Mounting Antenna, MW Bracket Antenna, Rack Feeder, Ladder, Light aviation, Arrester

Wind speed

110 – 130 km/h

Legs type

bar ST=37

Type concrete

350 kg/m

Minimal strength

210 kg/cm^2

Anchor Bolt


Bolt DIN grade

M 8.8


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