• With prefabricated foundation and high accurate design, this type of towers enjoys a high speed installation and equipment. The tower is moveable due to its prefabricated foundation. (The biggest advantage of ICB towers) Integrated sections of this type compared with lattice towers are another advantage, Influencing installation speed. This tower is designed for 24 to 48 meters’ height with 6m sections and triangular base. The tower is Capable of installing X-POLE, and Microwave mounting structures. Galvanized cover according to TIA/EIA-222F standards
  • The Solution for Municipalities and Operators for Beautification Projects “Visual Pollution” often prevent municipalities to grant operators licenses for new sites. Kavoshcom’s ICB tower with billboards is the perfect solution for municipalities and operators The tower has a 3 sided rotating billboard distracting attention from the metal frame and focusing the attention on the colorful advertisements. This design has the MTN QA and Trans Design approvals زیباسازی دکلهای مخابراتی
  • Self-supporting or cantilevered towers usually rise on urban steep. Legs are interconnected with truss elements. The tower is able to carry all kinds of antenna and bears adverse wind pressure. Each section has 6-meter length. All sections of tower are designed and manufactured separately according to plans and are hot galvanized to avoid corrosion and rustiness. The sections are connected to each other easily according to installation plans offered with tower. Towers are divided into two three-leg and four-leg categories.
    1. Three-leg tubular quoin towers: Legs are tubular and internal components are quoin-shaped. Sections are flange connected. Sections are welded and connected by nut and screw to interconnect internal parts to leg
    2. Three-leg full quoin towers: All parts are in quoin shape and each quoin is manufactured with 90 degrees’ angle. Parts are connected with nut and screw.
  • Being made of spiral and multilateral pipes, monopole towers are those constructed on a single base. Given to take a little space, this kind of towers is under consideration and is used in urban environment in which, the land has a high value but the loading capacity of monopole towers is limited. X-POLE, V-POLE and Microwave mounting structures can be installed on different heights are some of the features of this towers.
  • Pole towers are subgroups of one-leg towers being used for lower heights. They have light structures, consequently suitable to be installed on roofs. The tower is also called “micro towers”. The body of tower is constructed in tubular shape, and sections are connected by flanges.