• Self-supporting or cantilevered towers usually rise on urban steep. Legs are interconnected with truss elements. The tower is able to carry all kinds of antenna and bears adverse wind pressure. Each section has 6-meter length. All sections of tower are designed and manufactured separately according to plans and are hot galvanized to avoid corrosion and rustiness. The sections are connected to each other easily according to installation plans offered with tower. Towers are divided into two three-leg and four-leg categories.
    1. Three-leg tubular quoin towers: Legs are tubular and internal components are quoin-shaped. Sections are flange connected. Sections are welded and connected by nut and screw to interconnect internal parts to leg
    2. Three-leg full quoin towers: All parts are in quoin shape and each quoin is manufactured with 90 degrees’ angle. Parts are connected with nut and screw.